Pastor’s Message


Pastor Timothy V. Pettaway, Sr.


At Walk The Word, we believe that everybody is somebody and that God is all. We also believe that we are more than just a church congregation, we are family. Church can be an intimidating place for believers, especially new believers. One of our goals at Walk The Word Ministry is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. We treat our visitors like family, not because we want them to join our church, but because we want them to be able to worship in an environment where they feel comfortable. Sometimes people come to church with baggage, problems and issues, looking for a place to seek comfort. We want Walk The Word to be that place. It is our hope that anyone who attends a service, whether they are a visitor or a member, is able to leave the service feeling better than when they came. We are working together to become the kind of church that is described in the Bible, where the teaching is relevant and the worship touches the soul. We also want to create honest friendships, provide compassionate care for those in need and grow as Disciples of Christ. We hope that people leave our service energized and ready to face the week ahead.

We also know that church is not just a Sunday thing, meaning that in order to grow as believers of Christ, we must make the time to learn about the teachings of Christ. Our Bible study is an important part of that growth because it is a place where the Word can be broken down for practical application in our lives. Challenge yourself to find one scripture that speaks to you and is applicable to whatever is going on in your life. When times are rough, reflect on that scripture and trust in God’s promise for your life. We have a saying at Walk The Word Ministry – “study plus application equals success”.  Studying God’s word and attempting to apply it to our daily lives helps us become better people, and becoming better is what life’s journey is all about.

We hope that if you are looking for a church to visit, that you consider worshiping with us at Walk The Word, we look forward to seeing you soon!



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